What have l learned from watching videos online?

There are so many different films in different fields. There are many things that can be learned in the films, some are good and some are not good, but in some films, I can learn a lot of things, but if the content is not appropriate, then we can. What did I learn in choosing not to watch that video?

I think the videos I see are all acceptable to me, such as the National Geographic Channel or the Animal Planet Channel. I go to watch videos on animal, plant and animal conservation and ecology most often. I’m very. Like to watch.

Let me give a video where I learned the most knowledge last time. I was very bored during the summer vacation. I opened YouTube because I was bored. At that time, I checked the National Geographic channel and I was reading about myself. Interesting topics. I saw the topics related to global warming and ocean pollution. I picked up the remote control and pressed the enter button. At that time, I spent more than 20 minutes talking about the creatures in the ocean one after another in the film. Continued by marine environmental protection personnel, it was discovered that fish’s belly was full of garbage, birds were cut open, and their belly was full of plastic. There was more garbage in the ocean than humans. At that time, what appeared in my mind was more than humans and garbage. More and more because my question is why inventing plastic products was originally to reduce tree felling, but in the end it was feeding plastic to marine garbage?